Book New Years Resolution (part 1)

Okay for my second blog post of the year I guess I will tell you my new year resolution. I really really hope I keep it, but I'm not going to be doing challenges like reading 50 books 'cause I know it something I can't manage. But one thing that is ridiculous I plan on buying 200+ books by next year. I keep the books that I want written down in two little notebooks one to keep in my purse and one by my desk.
This is what it looks like:
It has books that I've wanted over the years or books that I've read and don't actually own. So I made an actual little scale...thing saying how many books I have left to buy and how many days left. I'm doing exactly a year from January, 13th, 2011 to January 13, 2012.

Crazy right? Yeah. So and I am not crazy to go spending full price on all of these books. Then that would blow my mind. So how I plan on going to buy these books would be going to thift stores or local entertainment store, that carries used books. Or just buy some online. But cross my fingers and hope I can actually do a New Years resolution.

So since I am not going to list all 200+ books. I will list some that I really want.

The Child Thief By Brom

The first thing I noticed about this book was the cover. It so raw and awesome, then later I read what it was actually about. It supposed to be a gruesome version of Peter Pan.

See what did I tell ya. I think it's an amazing cover. Ooh and it recently came out with the paperback version and I saw it at my local borders. Man, it's huge. Almost 500 pages.

And the next is.....(drum roll)

Hex Hall By Rachel Hawkins

Okay since I watched a lot of books related stuff on youtube. I saw this floating around, so I found this at my library and checked it out. Later that night I started reading it. And I fell in love with this and thennn...I had to take it back to the library unfinished. :( And I was only 3 or 4 chapters in. Oh well one day. (hopefully this year)

So I will be back with another part later today.
See Ya


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