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February Book Haul Part 1

Okay I have gotten tons of book this week, I got two books for review which one I have already posted that so forget that. So I have 20+ books to talk about. I have some pictures but I wont put the summarys, all of these are listed on Amazon or any other place. So first up is some book by Annette Curtis Klause. <--------Blood And Chocolate By Annette Curtis Klause The Silver Kiss By Annette Curtis Klause ----> Angel By Cliff Mcnish          
Paper Towns By John Green I am so excited to finally get a John Green book, I think he is so awesome I follow him on youtube where he and his brother do videos on youtube                                                                           Shiver By  Maggie Stiefvater The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman
Skulduggery Pleasant By Derek Landy The Passage By Justin Cronin

Curiosities of the Civil War Review

I received this book from booksneeze ( Webb Garrison’s “Curiosities of the Civil War” is a compendium of unusual facts and events and important figures during the Civil War. Most are obscure and likely not to be found in a typical history textbook.One would find the stories of the ever so tall President Lincoln questing to find other men his height or near to it. Or the stories of the soldiers who managed to continue on in battle despite illness or loss of limbs. Also, the tales of the priests who would accompany troops to the battlefield to administer last rites to the dying on the battlefield. This book was indeed an interesting read, as many of the facts and stories mentioned here are far from common knowledge; thus allowing the reader to catch a small glimpse of Abraham Lincoln’s personality or the crippling illness some soldiers were stricken with, but were still so intent on fighting this war. Or less depressing, the necessity of the Union army to stock coffee beans…

50 Book Challenge

Okay I wrote before that I entered in the 50 book challenge. Ya. I entered into it on goodreads, it's a lot easier or, I hope so. So I thought I would tell you what books that I am going to read. Oh and I could even enter into the off the shelf challenge. Amazing huh? but I won't. Too much to take care of. So now I'll list all the books I plan on reading, and the books I have read so far. Oh and it's a total of 53 books. I have 2 bind-ups in my collection but I wont add them...I kind of lost interest in bind-ups.

Books I've read:
My Life As Emperor By Su TongBetwixt By Tara Bray SmithImpossible By Nancy WerlinThe Gaslight Dogs By Karin LowacheeLong Journey Home By Amber EsplinBooks I have to read:
The First Wives Club By Olivia GoldsmithRemember Me By Mary Higgins ClarkEver After By Elswyth ThaneMy Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions By Becca WihiteThe Luxe By Anna GodbersonA Great And Terrible Beauty By Libba BrayThe Virgin Blue By Tracy ChevalierVision In White By Nora …