Curiosities of the Civil War Review

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Webb Garrison’s “Curiosities of the Civil War” is a compendium of unusual facts and events and important figures during the Civil War. Most are obscure and likely not to be found in a typical history textbook.  One would find the stories of the ever so tall President Lincoln questing to find other men his height or near to it. Or the stories of the soldiers who managed to continue on in battle despite illness or loss of limbs. Also, the tales of the priests who would accompany troops to the battlefield to administer last rites to the dying on the battlefield.
            This book was indeed an interesting read, as many of the facts and stories mentioned here are far from common knowledge; thus allowing the reader to catch a small glimpse of Abraham Lincoln’s personality or the crippling illness some soldiers were stricken with, but were still so intent on fighting this war. Or less depressing, the necessity of the Union army to stock coffee beans. The soldiers would carry the beans and create the first form of instant coffee. Also the struggle of Ulysses S. Grant to fight his way through the war and later on attain the presidency.



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