Book Deal-a-Rama. Final Part


Currently I am obsessed with Amazon. I usually get books used so that sometimes makes them under 3 or 4 dollars. And what gives people even bigger deals is Prime. Prime is the best thing Amazon has come up with, over all it saves tons of money. It’s $79.00 dollars a year, but I think that’s awesome. They offer a really great deal for prime for student’s it used to be free for a year but they changed it. Boo! It’s %50 off the original price which makes it $39.00 for the year. And AND!! You get 2-day shipping for free! I definitely love that.

So moving on, I recently got a $5.00 gift card and I set off to get at least a couple of books. That’s what I did; I got one from my wishlist and one that was not.

Bottom: Corbenic – Catherine Fisher $2.70 (yessssss! My first Catherine Fisher book I’ve read it before and loved it.)

Top: Touch – Francine Prose $1.99

Oh, and check out in the book section of Amazon, they have bargain books. I usually go to the under $5.00 books they have some awesome titles. They usually have tons and tons of cheap teen books. Some of them are former bestsellers.

Oh! Another trick to get those cheaper books (if you use Prime it’s even better) once you choose the book you’re looking for. Go through the formats if there is a plus sign by them. Click on it search around to see if that have cheaper used or new. Some of them can be a sliver of the price for the original one you looked at. That has probably saved me hundreds of dollars over the years while using Amazon.

Whew! Deal-o-rama I’d say.


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