Waking Hours: A Review

A local high-school girl is found murdered in a park amid horse farms and wealthy homes of northern Westchester County, New York. The shocking manner of her death confounds the town and intrigues forensic psychiatrist Dani Harris, who is determined to unravel the mystery. All the suspects are teenagers who were at a party with the girl-yet none remembers what happened. Could one of them be a vicious killer? Or is something more sinister afoot-something tied to an ancient evil?
Across town, former NFL linebacker Tommy Gunderson finds his state-of-the-art security system has been breached by an elderly woman. Mumbling threats in Latin, she attacks him with an uncanny, preternatural strength. Someone close to him is implicated in the girl's murder at the park. He agrees to help-and finds himself working with Dani, the only girl who could resist his charms years ago when they were in high school.
A heavy darkness is spreading. Yet a heavenly force is also at work.
It will take astute analysis and forensic skills to solve the crime. But Dani and Tommy suspect there's more the the mystery than murder, more to their growing friendship than chance . . . and more to the evil they're facing than a mere human killer.
 Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl with Pete Nelson. Starting off I was super excited for this book, I’ve heard so many great things about Lis Wiehl. This book sounded amazing and scary. How wrong I was, this book just didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. The beginning was just a drag. The main characters just felt a little quiet to me, but Tommy the former NFL Linebacker seemed to talk about football, through the whole book. Despite being annoyed about Tommy, the little bits of horror and creepiness seemed to be a bit cliché. There were bits that made my hair stand on the back of my neck, just little parts. And parts that made me think, like about the mysterious Gardner’s. Other then that this was just a slow murder mystery to me.
I was given this book, for my review by booksneeze(booksneeze.com)


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