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Running For My Life: A Review

Running for My Life is not a story about Africa or track and field athletics. It is about outrunning the devil and achieving the impossible faith, diligence, and the desire to give back. It is the American dream come true and a stark reminder that saving one can help to save thousands more.

Lopez Lomong chronicles his inspiring ascent from a barefoot lost boy of the Sudanese Civil War to a Nike sponsored athlete on the US Olympic Team. Though most of us fall somewhere between the catastrophic lows and dizzying highs of Lomong's incredible life, every reader will find in his story the human spark to pursue dreams that might seem unthinkable, even from circumstances that might appear hopeless.

Lopez Lomong, I’d heard the name before I’d even seen him carry in the flag in 2008. And that was it, I didn’t watch most of the Olympics that year to know he was in track. When this book came a long I was interested. I’d never read a book about boy soldiers. But never really heard about one tha…