52 Little Lessons from It's A Wonderful Life: A Review

Do you pay a visit to Bedford Falls every Christmas? Does December feel incomplete without a reminder that “no man is a failure who has friends”? If George and Mary Bailey are annual guests at your home during the holidays, you already know that It’s A Wonderful Life is far more than just a festive seasonal film. It’s a reflection of what we can be when we’re at our best and a reminder that our lives can change everyone around us—for better or worse. Revisit the defining lessons in Frank Capra’s 1946 classic, and discover new dimensions of the film you’ve seen time and again. What can you learn from Mary’s quiet contentedness? Does George’s selflessness make you rethink your own priorities? And how about Clarence’s dogged commitment to his assignment? Join author Bob Welch for a close-up of the characters and themes that shape this beautiful story. You’ll be reminded that life’s most important work is often the work we never planned to do and that God can use the most unlikely among us to get the job done.



52 Little Lessons from It’s A Wonderful Life, just took me back to my favorite Christmas movie. When this came up for review I was excited to read it. I watch the movie every year. So it begins the first “little lesson” talking about the angels and who will be sent down to help Bailey. What I really liked about Bob Welchs writing was that, he gave us a little insight about what the angels were about. And more insight about how Capra directed it. That’s also something I really enjoyed in the book as well. Welch added little details about behind the scenes of the actual movie. And back to the little lessons. All of them took me back to the movie, and made me remember how much I loved the movie, the characters and Bedford Falls. The only downfall I’d say to this book is the lessons go everywhere in the movie, couple lessons talk about the beginning then go all the way foreword to the ending and back again. I would of liked it to dissect the movie beginning to the end. But other then that it is a heart warming book.





I received this book for free from book sneeze (book sneeze.com) for my review.


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