Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Twinkies Cookbook: A Review

In celebration of the 85th anniversary of Twinkies®, Hostess® has updated and expanded their beloved and quirky classic The Twinkies Cookbook. This new edition includes the very best recipes from the original, combined with twenty-five new and wonderfully wacky recipes submitted by Twinkies aficionados across the country. From a Twinkie-filled take on chicken and waffles to Twinkie pumpkin pie and beyond, these colorful concoctions will surprise and enchant the Twinkie fan in all of us.

85 years of twinkies, can you believe it? The twinkies cookbook is an cute little book. Most of the recipes are short and sweet. I will say most of the recipes are just cut them up and make a cake or some sort of pie. The book in the beginning just has a little bio about the history of twinkies, which they add vintage pictures. I really did enjoy, also I’d say a good bit of the recipes had pictures which I also love. The cookbook was cut up into seven sections. Cake, pie, fruit, chocolate, cream, meat and novelty.  I would say that all of the sections but meat are the same, cut it up, slice it and put either chocolate or fruit on it. Lastly it was a very cute, quick cook book.

So with my ineptness at baking or cooking I took a crack at a recipe, a simple one mind you. So with 3 or 4 chilled twinkies I cut them in threes and dipped them in chocolate and then with some toppings. Nuts, cherries, and chocolate sprinkles. They were simple to do and kind of cute. It’s called Twinkie Petits Fours.

I received this book for my honest review from Blogging For Books.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Center Of Gravity: A Review

What if everything you think is true and real about your life is a lie?

Ava's life in the coastal South appears nearly perfect after her recent marriage to the powerful and handsome Mitchell Carson. She loves her husband and the family they have created. Even Mitchell's young son from a previous marriage, Jack, with his superhero ambitions, can't imagine life without Ava. Outwardly, Mitchell appears to be a caring husband and doting father, but as Ava soon discovers, there is a dark side to Mitchell Carson that she never imagined.
When Graham Thomas, a lawyer with a secret past, stumbles into Ava's life, everything changes. Mitchell's jealous streak emerges after an innocent encounter between Graham and Ava, and Mitchell soon convinces himself that Ava is unfaithful. When Mitchell starts divorce proceedings and a custody war, Jack is caught in the middle, which soon makes him question Ava's pure intentions. As Ava searches for a way to save her family she begins to uncover her husband's secret past and capacity for unhinged jealousy and rage.
I’m not a huge adult suspense thriller type of person. So I went into the book, not really thinking it was all that. I do have to say I was beyond pleasantly surprised. Center of Gravity was definitely suspenseful. Center of Gravity has 5 point of views, which I feel were done really well. The main characters were Jack the oldest son, Ava the wife, Graham the lawyer. And Lucy the child psychologist, and lastly Mitchell the sinister husband.

I really like how the story flowed, it seemed like each situation any character got in. It just got worse and worse. The book definitely made me not want to put it down, to just see what would happen. I really enjoyed the little peeks into the husbands point of view, and how this man was just going crazy and might have grown up that way.

I did have little problems with the book like Ava was that sort of sad abused house wife who would say things, like I wont be treated this way anymore, or I will toughen up. Only couple chapters later she is this sad, quiet thing who doesn’t do anything. Also Jack who in the book is eight, and the way he acts and talks seems like he is so much older. And sometimes Graham the lawyer seemed to do nothing for nobody.
Other then that it was a really enjoyable and suspenseful story, from a first time author.

I received this book for my honest review from the BookLook program. (