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Life-Changing Magic: A Review

This gratitude journal from lifestyle guru Marie Kondo provides a space for you to notice and record the things that spark joy in your life each day. By asking yourself "Does this spark joy?" about not only the objects in your home but also the activities and relationships in your life, you can mindfully zero in on your ideal life. Peppered with inspirational quotes fromThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this 365-day, 3-year record is the perfect way to spark joy, one day at a time.
I wouldn’t call this a gratitude journal really besides a few quotes in the journal otherwise the journal is blank. I guess it’s up to the writer to make it one. So other then that it’s just a cute little paperback journal. Each day has six lines so you can write a short little summary or as Marie Kondo says “what sparks joy” to you. And it’ll be something fun to do for 3 years.  

Marie Kondo the author behind this journal also writes self help books so if you’d like to check out any of …

Collage This Journal: A Review

This irrisistibly iteractive journal is filled with dozens of clever ideas for recording your life, such as "Make balloons out of photos from special and happy occasions" or  "Fill the genie's lamp with wishes." The author/illustrator's wonderfully layered photo-illustration montages invite readers to mix media, too, and make this keepsake truly their own.

If you love Wreck This Journal you’ll definitely like this. Collage This Journal puts you in different scenarios like “creature your perfect view” and “create your own tiny world” in a snow globe. I think projects like these are extremely fun and for me, they are kind of stress relieving.
The one downside about this is there are a lot of pages of friends and family memories. There are instructions saying to photocopy pictures which is something I can’t do. So I guess I’ll have to recreate them with something else. So in short, Collage This Journal is definitely something to do in your free time and …