Long May She Wave: A Review

Compiled from one of the largest collections of the American flag art in the world, these postcards showcase more than two hundred years of artistic interpretation and innovation. From patriotic banners and folk art curiosities to modern artistic masterworks. This historic cache of images has been lovingly curated and packaged by legendary designer Kit Hindrichs

In this postcard collection there are 50 different designs and 50 duplicates. Each card is made out of a thick cardstock. Also each postcard has the description and year it was made or when the picture was taken. I feel unfortunately to say that I’ve never sent out a postcard and I think with these it’ll be exciting to do so. Also I make no promises to not use a bunch of these as bookmarks.

If you are interested in this or anything Kit Hinrichs has curated you can just out his website for future projects. http://www.studio-hinrichs.com/index.html

I was given the Long May She Wave postcards in exchange for my honest review from the blogging for books program. (www.bloggingforbooks.com)



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